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Cause and Effect

Architects and Beauty

Architects should preserve and create beauty. Architects are educated and trained to build anything anywhere and must practice to do so without destroying the site or the beauty of the natural environment. The Cause of Architecture is to keep and make things beautiful.

As for building design this has been fairly well established; what has made architecture a lost cause is obvious in the helter-skelter haphazard growth of cities. This is explained in detail by my KYMAK Architecture website and will be further examined here on this web log from time to time as needed.






And thou, America!

And thou, America! 
Thou too surroundest all
Embracing, carrying, welcoming all, Thou too, by pathways broad and new,
Approach the Ideal
The measured faiths of other lands the grandeurs of the past,
Are not for Thee, but grandeurs of Thine own;
Deific faiths and amplitudes, absorbing, comprehending all, All in all to all.
Whatever else withheld, withhold not from us,
Belief in plan of Thee, enclosed in Time and Space.

Transcribed from Walt Whitman by FLW.